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The Dorn leadership team is composed of cross-functional practitioners — each possessing deep domain expertise and experience in manufacturing.

James Dorn


A proven leader with expertise in transformational growth strategies. James is a results-oriented executive with over 20 years of diverse experience in helping global B2B manufacturers identify growth opportunities, establish new business models, organically outpace market growth, launch new products and deliver positive financial results.

James draws upon a mix of analytics, strategic frameworks and industry benchmarking to help manufacturing leadership teams develop a shared vision for growth and supportive go-to-market strategies.

James is a strong team leader that draws out the best from both supplier- and client-side teams. An advocate for fully integrated partnerships, James drives his team to act as an extension of clients in order to deliver the best results.

Dan Roglin

Corporate Strategy

Dan is a puzzle solver, the more challenging the better. Satisfaction comes from seeing all the pieces fit together, all the columns, rows and boxes reconcile. Little details create the big picture. He gathers critical information to understand the entire ecosystem surrounding manufacturers. He identifies, quantifies and qualifies growth opportunities for clients.

Skilled at using data to ‘connect the dots’ and apply that to the overall business strategy comes from having worked at some of the leading communication agencies and on some of the most prestigious brands in a wide array of categories.

Success for Dan is seeing the transformation come to life, when insights and strategies result in how a company talks and thinks about itself. It comes from knowing what the results will be, then seeing them.

J Schneider

Product Strategy

J is an engaging product strategist with a passion for finding opportunities where others cannot. His diversified experience as an executive in Fortune 150 manufacturers, brings a unique perspective in developing actionable market backed product strategies for clients to create and execute their vision for growth.

With 25 years of experience in a variety of disciplines, J brings focus and clarity to every problem through a collaborative approach eliminating unnecessary inefficiencies and creating a clear path forward for achieving swift and measurable results. Over his career, J has spoken at hundreds of private and public events globally on topics including marketing, product development, segmentation, strategy and change management with a focus of maximizing growth and profit through company alignment.

Matt Troy

Marketing Strategy

Matt is a good listener and critical thinker who enjoys intertwining strategic frameworks and field-level experiences to help clients grow their businesses. He provides an experienced perspective to executives on how other successful leaders have evolved their marketing functions and guides clients to reach their goals. Matt is skilled at making connections – with people, the markets surrounding manufacturers and in the nuances and complexities of data. The challenge of making things happen is the driving force that keeps Matt going. As a team leader he loves sharing in the thrill of a well-planned initiative that exceeds expectations.

Jim Perdue

Sales Enablement Strategy

Jim is a dynamic team leader and skilled problem solver who enjoys working closely with manufacturing Sales and Marketing teams to identify growth path opportunities. Experienced in both direct and channel sales, he values engaging buyers within their environment and understands the importance of meeting their expectations. Skilled at translating observations into buyer insights, Jim accelerates at improving the effectiveness of Sales and Marketing activities by incorporating the buyer’s voice into selling propositions to build trust and ultimately preference.

Neil Ruffolo

Systems Strategy

Neil embraces the power of digital systems to synchronize the activities of cross-functional product, marketing and sales teams. Simplicity and tangible results are at the core of Neil’s approach to helping clients adopt the full potential of digital. For more than 25 years, he has closely followed mar tech trends. He brings to the team a wealth of know-how spanning various digital disciplines. So he understands how paid, owned and earned channels work in unison to achieve an outcome greater than the sum of its parts. Guided by the 80/20 rule, Neil is satisfied only when his work has a meaningful and measurable business impact.

Manufacturing affiliations

Our team is active with industry events, research and networking to stay in touch with the latest trends and factors influencing the manufacturing industry.

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