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The Alliance Growth Methodology™ for Manufacturers

Growth. It starts with a methodology specifically designed around how manufacturers are structured and how they go-to-market. It mandates a common vision for capturing market share and an outside-in vision that is grounded on building customer value. It breaks down individual functional silos to synchronize teams and activities. In action, it empowers manufacturers to outpace market conditions, leapfrog competition and build enterprise value.

Corporate Strategy

Dorn helps leadership teams unite around a shared vision for growth that is reinforced with substantive market, competitive and operational analytics. We empower clients with the clarity needed to effectively allocate resources and develop actionable go-to-market strategies that leverage the full potential of product, marketing and sales teams to deliver superior customer value.

Growth Visioning & Strategic Planning

Determine the best opportunities for revenue growth and how your team will win.

Product, Marketing and Sales Alignment

Modernize the resource allocation and alignment of your revenue-generating functions to drive demand and deliver superior customer value.

Brand Architecture & Strategy

Leverage the power of your brand portfolio to reduce complexity and create meaningful competitive differentiation.

Market & Customer Segmentation

Define, quantify and qualify your markets and customer segments to determine where you can win additional market share.

Competitive Analysis

Objectively understand the ‘why’ behind buyer preference for competitive brands to effectively outmaneuver competitors.

Go-to-market Strategy

Jointly define your product, marketing and sales plans to align resources around a concerted effort to capture new market share.

Product Strategy

Product Development and Commercialization provide the lifeblood for your sales and marketing teams to excel. We help make sure your product strategy is in line with your overall growth vision. If it’s not, we can provide vision and tactical assistance to maximize the return on each of your products.

Product Commercialization

We can help you launch products to the market that both stand out with end users and are well-supported with the necessary collateral required by your distribution partners.

Product Voice of Customer

We do voice-of-customer research to help your organization think outside-in when developing new products and service offerings.

Product Pricing

Our experts do pricing analysis to help ensure your pricing strategy is on point with your go-to-market strategy and optimized to maximize gross margin.

Product Lifecycle Management & Rationalization

The Dorn team can help you do analysis to determine how to manage aging and stagnant product portfolios to minimize the number of dollars you have tied up in unsold inventory.

Project Management

Our team is structured to work alongside your product management team for when they could use some help commercializing and supporting their product lines.

Marketing Strategy

The role of marketing is changing and we’re leading the way in helping manufacturers drive demand through strategic, integrated approaches that maximize customer value.

Market Research & Strategy

Whether you’re a market leader, or you’re looking to capitalize on an uptick in demand in a key market, we can help do the digging and develop strategies to outmaneuver your competition.

Demand Generation & Nurturing

We show you how to support your sales team with proactive marketing efforts that build demand for your brands and nurture prospects through the funnel.

Customer Engagement

Nurturing prospective customers can take a while. We build comprehensive customer engagement programs to keep leads warm and continuously cultivate new leads.

Digital, Social & Media

We help transition offline activities onto the optimal digital platforms when you’re looking for a more measurable way to determine how well your marketing investments are performing.

Content & Communications

Day in and day out, your organization depends on collateral that consistently delivers your value proposition. Our team can help bring this content to life.

Event & In-Store Marketing

Our team brings experience from many markets and a fresh approach to growth to make a stronger impression at trade shows or with your in-store POP.

Sales Strategy

As B2B buying processes continue to change and the role of sales people continues to evolve along with them, we help build sales strategies to maximize the return on your direct headcount as well as empower your distributor sales partners to sell more effectively on your behalf.

Sales Enablement

We help you find out and we can help you build the collateral your sales people – both direct and indirect – need to sell your products most effectively.

Channel Strategy & Management

Whether you’re looking to get more out of your current channel partners, or if a revised go-to-market strategy necessitates refining your channel approach, we can work alongside your teams to drive growth through the channel.

Buyer Insights & Personas

Growing sales teams can greatly benefit from buyer insights and personas. We can help ground your sales team members on who they’re targeting and how to best serve them.

Lead Management

CRM isn’t just a technology solution; it’s a commitment to a way of doing business. We can help your sales leaders with lead management strategies to maximize the opportunity that’s in your pipeline.

Outbound Telemarketing

Telemarketing works. Especially when good scripts and well-organized appointment setting are part of the process. We can help you optimize your efforts on the phones.

Sales Promotion

If you’re going to give away margin dollars as a part of a sales promotion, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it in a way that keeps long-term brand value in mind. We can help with that.

Systems Strategy

Technology and systems continue to play a larger role in building value in manufacturing organizations. Developing a systems strategy that considers the needs of sales, marketing and product is essential to sustaining growth well into the future.

Website & eCommerce

A best-in-class website is a parody point in today’s world, however, we build sites to help ensure that your brand displays seamlessly across all web environments and delivers the vision of your organization in a meaningful way.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We can help integrate not only your CRM system, but the principles of good CRM into the fabric of how your company operates, promotes, sells and follows up with your database of contacts.

Email & Marketing Automation

We help you integrate and optimize email and marketing automation systems to deliver relevant content to in-market buyers exactly when they’re looking for it.

Product Information & Master Data Management

We can help solidify your master data and product information strategies to establish and maintain clean and usable databases that drive better decision making and richer customer engagement.

Where to Buy

For B2B sellers, providing a view into where you send your website traffic goes a long way optimizing conversions with your best distributor partners. If you don’t have product-level WTB on your website, we can help you build it.

Analytics & Dashboarding

We can help you capture and visualize the right data to make more informed everyday decisions based on the KPIs that are most indicative of what actually grows your business.

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